Soroush Khanlou, on how little programming time is spent on algorithmic logic, compared to making stuff operate together:

How much of your time at your job is actually spent on writing the logic, and how much of it is spent preparing an environment in order for that logic to run? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I found out that 98% of my time was spent on context.

Anyone who has had to set up webpack would agree.

Incidentally – when I started working for a design org, I fully expected my most used apps to be Sketch, or a code editor. Instead, it turned out my workhorse tool was Keynote. Comps and code provide logic, but the context around this logic is what is sold to clients, in the form of stories and events.

(Now that I spend most of my time teaching and making learning happen, my most used app is the spreadsheet, or rather the database. Teaching is about managing individual consequences at scale.)